What is Pinkiee Buck’s Program?
Supporters who promote our products and earn money when their promotion causes successful sales. It’s easy as 1,2,3...Everyone is welcome to join the program.

What do I have to do?
There's 3 steps....
1. Tell a friend
2. Your friend get 10% off their first purchase
3. You get money for every friend that orders

How to sign up?
Fill out the Pinkiee Buck’s Program form, you will get a email with an account and a unique URL. You can post whenever you like in a email, on social media or on a blog.

How do I make money?
Refer & Earn, Share, Get paid REPEAT! For every friend that makes a purchase with your Unique URL you earn money as well, The more you share the more you earn! Invite friends and get paid. In order to get paid your friends Must purchase threw your URL Link payments are tracked.

Customize your URL referral code to your liking, go to your account, go to settings where it stat Referral code customize your name and click save. Doesn't it feel good to have a few extra dollars in your pocket especially when you have to work hard for it?

What is this ink?
The link you are provided once you sign up connects directly to Pinkiee Boutique online store. Your friends can make their purchase from your link and you will get paid off every successful purchase they make.

How do I get paid?
All payments are made via PayPal.

How can I spend my Pinkiee Buck’s?
How ever you like, you can spend it at Pinkiee Boutique or Pay a bill or two! It’s totally up to you.